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At the 2009 ANZAC conference held in cairns over 1800 anaesthetists responded to a survey recommending what would constitute the ideal airway kit that was portable and useful. This was the result!

The ARK portable Airway Resuscitation Kit by Yeescope!

In an emergency situation, the portable airway resuscitation kit is indispensable. It is great reassurance for doctors & paramedics to have a complete kit with a variety of devices on hand, when patients require ventilation/respiratory support in a crisis. The kit is ready for use wherever procedures are performed.

This kit is ideal for shopping centres, railway stations, airlines, ships, clubs, first aid posts & medical centres, crash carts, paramedics, hospitals, GP kits, resuscitation kits and first aid.


  • 1 x disposable laryngoscope Yeescope mac 3 (suitable down to 6months infant)
  • 1 x disposable laryngoscope Yeescope mac 4.
  • 1 x endotracheal tube cuffed size 6.5mm
  • 1 x endotracheal tube cuffed size 7.5mm
  • 1 x intubating stylet 14
  • 1 x laryngeal mask airway size no: 3
  • 1 x laryngeal mask airway size no: 4
  • 1 x syringe luer slip 10ml
  • 1 x linen tie 1 metre
  • 1 x adhesive tape 25ml
  • 1 x guedel airway no: 3
  • 1 x guedel airway no: 4
  • 1 x anaesthetic cushioned mask large adult
  • 1 x anaesthetic cushioned mask medium adult
  • 1 x scapel handle & blade no: 15
  • 1 x pair of gloves
  • 1 x water soluble lubricant
  • 1 x product refill list
  • 1 x resus bag
  • TGA ARTG no 174824


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