Sorbact Ribbon Gauze - Box

Sorbact Ribbon Gauze - Box

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Advanced Wound Dressing



Infection preventive ribbon gauze. Sorbact® dressings employ a natural mechanism to bind microorganisms to their surface. The microorganisms are removed when the dressing is changed, and the bioburden is thereby decreased.

REDUCES BIOBURDEN IN CAVITIES AND FISTULAS Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze is a sterile, bacteria and fungi binding wound dressing. It consists of a green Sorbact® wound contact layer, which allows passage of wound exudate into a secondary dressing. The dressing can be used in compression therapy.

INTENDED USE Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze is intended for use in management of clean, colonised, contaminated, or infected exuding wounds, such as cavity wounds and fistulas. Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze is also intended for use in fungal infections in skin folds.


  1. Prepare the wound according to local clinical practice.
  2. Select an appropriate dressing size for the wound. The dressing may overlap the wound margins if needed.
  3. Remove the dressing from the pouch using an aseptic technique.
  4. If cutting the dressing, cut across using an aseptic technique. Discard any open and unused dressing.
  5. Apply the dressing. Ensure that the dressing comes into direct contact with the complete wound surface.
  6. Line/fill the cavity or fistula. Avoid dense packing. Always leave a part of the dressing sticking out so that it can be easily removed. If cutting the dressing it is recommended to leave the cut end outside the cavity and fistula to avoid residual threads in the wound.
  7. Apply an appropriate secondary dressing.
  8. The dressing change frequency depends on exudate levels and the overall condition of the wound and surrounding skin. Should the clinical condition allow, the dressing can be left in place for up to 7 days.


  1. Prepare the affected area according to local clinical practice.
  2. Do not use antifungal creams or ointments in combination with the dressing.
  3. Select an appropriate dressing size to be able to cover the affected area.
  4. Apply the dressing, cut if necessary. Ensure that the dressing comes into direct contact with the affected area.
  5. If fixation is required a bra or underpants can be used. The use of a skin friendly adhesive is recommended if additional fixation is needed. The adhesive should be applied outside the affected area.
  6. Change the dressing once daily in conjunction with inspection.
  7. Continue to use the dressing for 2-3 days after the symptoms have resolved to avoid recurrence.


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