Here you can listen to an interview on Health Professional Radio with Solmed.


We are a direct sales and online medical supplies and devices company. It was formed simply to make hospital quality products available to everyone. It is a family owned business based in Western Sydney and we supply products across the whole of Australia. We wanted to make a difference in the access that people had for quality medical devices and health related products. We sell products individually and or small quantities to the individual or cartons and bulk to our larger customers direct from contact through this website or from introductions from our clinical sales people in the field.

Big or Small user? You mean the same to us. You are the reason we are in Business. Our customers are scattered across the nation from the top of remote Australia, to the outback of the West and South to the apple Isle of Tasmania.
With over forty years experience working in the medical industry, we saw a need for the consumer to be able to source products that traditionally were only available to Hospitals and Large Scale users who had the buying power to negotiate prices.

We asked ourselves why couldn't we use our extensive knowledge of the products, the contacts in the Industry, and set up to provide anyone who needs these products, equal access and affordable competitive pricing. 

We do not consider ourselves like many other medical wholesalers. We actually care about what best suits the consumer and we ensure that only the products that conform to strict manufacturing standards are sold by us.

Selling medical devices and consumable health related products is a minefield for the unwary consumer. How do you know that the product you ordered is from a reputable manufacturer and has been listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeautic Goods) as required by law when selling medical devices?

The Directors of Solmed® and the people involved have worked in very senior positions in medical devices and health for many years. They have been involved with management, regulatory affairs, marketing, research, development and logistics for some of the largest medical companies. Our customer service team is committed to provide you with prompt efficient responses to any requirements you may have. If we can't source a product for you, we will gladly offer our assistance to tell you where best to buy.
You will see our motto "SOURCE - SUPPLY - PROTECT" in a lot of our business dealings.

Source to us means that we have a rule. We only source products that are registered, have already proven to have been used in clinical applications in the toughest of hospital settings, are from reputable manufacturers that demonstrate integrity and have implemented strict quality control, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

Supply to us is the ability to be able to supply product when it is ordered, at a competitive and fair price to the consumer, and treat everyone equal regardless of what they buy. Every customer will receive the same service from us. We know that everyone in business is competing for your business and generally give good service. We want to offer awesome service so you will want to return to us. Discretion is also part of our business and due to the sensitive nature of some of our products, all our products are dispatched without identifying specifics.

Protect is all about what products we sell to you and what can we do to make sure you get the safest product at a competitive price. We only sell products from manufacturers and suppliers that we personally know and respect and products that make a difference clinically to the consumer and are the safest product in that category. We ensure that regulatory compliance is applicable to all products where applicable.