Solmed supplies a range of dissecting kits with various instruments. 
The kit should always have a range of instruments suitable for cutting, slicing, clamping, holding & probing. We also have a kit that includes alligator forceps for those hard to reach places.

We supply a large range at competitive pricing and replacement items are always available from our online store at any time.

The instruments are quality stainless steel and although some are marked "single use", this is only for the user to know that it would be cheaper to buy another instrument than reprocess through sterilization.

For individual use, these instruments can be used many times over and are easy to clean. They do not need to be sterile as the instruments are not being used in surgical procedures in human medicine.

If you are in need of a dissecting kit with specific instruments, please feel free to contact our staff as we may be able to make a special kit up for you, given that we have the instruments you are after.

Our dissecting kits are perfect for schools, medical students, hobbyists, laboratories, university students and scientists. Click the link below to see our range of dissecting kits.