SOLMED is pleased to be able to Provide Work Place Compliant First Aid Kits.

The myriad of companies providing first aid kits seems endless and because the Regulations make it compulsory for a work place First Aid Kit, the market has been saturated with all sorts of companies supplying these types of products.

Solmed First Aid Kits have been developed to ensure our customers get what they expect and we make sure they are compliant. When we chose to market a Full Range of First Aid Kits we looked at many factors:

The Regulations came First.

Under the Act, all work places need a compliant first aid Kit.

The Kits came under two categories. 

Low Risk workplace means a workplace where workers are not exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness such as offices, shops or libraries. Potential work related injuries and illnesses requiring first aid would be minor in nature.

High Risk workplaces means a workplace where workers are exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness and would require first aid. Examples of workplaces that may be considered high risk are: mobile plant, manufacturing plants, construction, mining, trades, warehousing and food manufacturing. 

The next part of the equation was to ensure all kits had compliant product items which were of high standards of quality.

All our Kits meet or exceed ISO and are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and are Manufactured under a TGA Licence ISO 13485.

This means that the kits are not audited by third party agencies, and the TGA is known in Australia for being one of the toughest Medical Device agencies in the world. If it meets their standards then we know it is good.

Then comes the Bag, the Kit Holder or the Cabinet. This part of the Kit has to be premium Quality with ample compartments for kit organisation. We made sure these items were the best quality.

Our Range of First Aid Kits is very extensive and somtimes it is hard to choose however, just give us a call and our friendly staff can guide you through a series of questions to ensure your situation is covered. We offer First Aid Kits to Corporations and Individuals. The same quality applies to everyone and the same service.


We can ship anywhere in Australia or customers can collect from our Warehouse in Western Sydney.

R1 Range. 1-10 Persons
These Kits comply with the Act and are for anyone using their vehicles for work such as Taxis, Buses, Hire Cars, Utes, Boats and 4WDs.

R2 Range. 1-25 Persons
These Kits comply with the Act and are for Portable Type Kits that are tailored for specific Industry groups. These include Work Place, Construction, Industrial, Truck "N" Plant Operation, Plumbers 'N" Gasfitters, Electrical, Food, Sports, Educational, 4WD Outback, Farm and more.

R3 Range. 1-50 Persons

These Kits are recomended to be used as a central kit for larger sites where multiple kits are required.
“Where there are separate work areas (for example, a number of buildings on a site, or multiple floors in an office building), it may be appropriate to locate First Aid facilities centrally and provide First Aid Kits in each work area. This may include portable First Aid Kits in motor vehicles and other separate work areas.”

R4 Range 1-50 Persons

These Kits are recommended to be used in remote locations and areas where major medical attention is required (for example, First Aid Room, large Construction sites etc. 

The R4 Series are designed to comprehensively cover a wide scope of injuries, whether it be on a remote property, large construction site or your First Aid room. Ideal for Remote Areas, Construction & Industry.