SOLMED carries a large range of basic woundcare first aid dressings to compliment any first aid kit. Solmed carries basic Non-Adherent Dressings, Island Dressings, Water Proof Dressings & a range of specialty dressings for most occasions requiring simple first aid or wound covering.

Only First Aid Dressings that have been approved for use in Hospitals and are ISO 13485 compliant and TGA listed are sold by SOLMED.


INTERPOSE® NON-STICK Non Adherent Dressings.


INTERPOSE® from MULTIGATE consists of a non adherent dressing made from a highly absorbent 100% cotton pad which is sandwiched on both sides by a medical grade film.
This process helps avoid the problems of exudate strike-through. 
It has a high density polyethylene film with a consistent porosity and thickness of 114 micron.
This allows the exudates to easily pass through to the absorbent pad. 
This reduces the risk of the dressing adhering to the wound when removing. 
Either side of the dressing can be placed onto the wound.
The cotton absorbent layer in the Interpose Dressing listed here meets the rigorous Australian Standard AS 2835.1 1985

Available in many various sizes: 5cm x 5cm, 7.5cm x 5cm, 7.5cm x 7.5cm, 7.5cm x 10cm, 7.5cm x 20cm, 10cm x 10cm,
10cm x 20cm, 25cm x 25cm & 45cm x 90cm
Product is individually sterile packed.

Ideal for wound covering after Keyhole Surgery, Grazes, Cuts, Scratches and can be kept in place with tape or bandage depending on location and size. Suitable product for antiseptic application as well.

The Compose Adhesive Island Dressings consists of a non-adherent absorbent pad attached to the adhesive coated side a non woven fabric.

Available in the following Sizes:

7.5cm x 5cm, 8.25cm x 6cm, 12cm x 8.25cm, 18cm x 8.25cm, 25cm x 8.25cm.

These Dressings are supplied sterile.

The Compose Island Dressings consists of 3 components
The backing of the dressings is a non woven polyester fabric, and 
is evenly coated with medical grade adhesive so the dressings is able to cover the wound site without other support.
The adhesive applied onto the surface of the backing fabric is a hot-melt adhesive
The pad consists of an absorbent layer comprising of mix fibres of 
Viscose/Polyester 70/30%

The viscose/polyester absorbent wad is laminated on both sides by a High 
Density Polyethylene film. 
The pad covers the wound site to protect against infection and at same time provides a favourable environment
for wound healing

The pad is attached centrally onto the adhesive coated fabric. 
There is sufficient adhesive 
surface bordering the pad to ensure the dressings stays in place.

Physical characteristics of Compose Island Dressing
The non woven fabric has fluid repellent characteristics to prevent the dressings from getting 
The film has minute perforations throughout its surface to allow exudates through as well 
as preventing fibres from the absorbent contacting the wound site

The film smooth surface ensures that change of dressings is less painful and does not disrupt 
the healing of
the wound site.

The pad has an average weight of 210 ± 21gsm. Each gram of the pad absorbs not less than 8 grams of water.
The adhesive strength average not less than 1 N/cm. The cotton absorbent layer meets the requirements of AS 2835.1 1985


A sterile, waterproof, thin, conformable and transparent film dressing. 

Available in the following Sterile Sizes:

6.5cm x 5cm, 9.5cm x 8.5cm, 10cm x 12cm, 25cm x 8.25cm.

Designed to be applied over I.V. devices, clean skin, or wounds providing a breathable bacterial and microbial barrier to outside contaminants.

Materials and Construction
An ultra-thin polyurethane film coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, and sandwiched between two protective liners.
The carrier paper is a super calendared Kraft glassine paper, silicon on one side, 121gsm in weight, thickness 105 μm.
The backing liner is a super calendared Kraft glassine paper, silicon on one side, 91gsm in weight, thickness 75 μm.
The adhesive is a self-curing, hypoallergenic, cross linking, pressure sensitive acrylic polymer. No less than 20 gsm in weight. Polyether urethane lamella with High strength elasticity, high degree of water vapour permeability, low swelling in water, excellent resistance against alcohol, 
No less than 25gsm in weight.
Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate MVTR >750 g/24 hours/m2
Shear Adhesion 
Water Proofness Survive 500mm of water for 5min, can  prevent leakage of water.

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