With Four Decades involved in the Medical Industry, seeing and working with all the different types of Gloves on the market for Health, Food & Industry we decided to complete a search for the best Gloves available. 
We looked at all the Gloves on the market and after an exhaustive audit of all the TGA Approved Gloves on the market, we chose the range that we would support and recommend based on our Motto stated above.
Gloveon® from MUN Global, previously known as Pharmatex is our preferred recommendation for Medical Examination Gloves.



More Quality Products from the Medical Specialist Company Solmed.

In our Audit we decided to look at the following:
Prevention against Viral Transmission, Tear Resistance, Puncture Resistance, Tensile Strength, Elasticity, Comfort, Finger Dexterity to Reduce Hand Fatigue, Tactile Sensitivity for better Feel, Resistance to Oils & Solvents, Resistance to Chemicals, Food Contact Safety, Environmental Friendliness and Value for Money!
We Consulted with ACORN (Aust College of Operating Room Nurses) Members, Industry Experts, Colleagues, CENA (College of Emergency Nurses Australasia) Members, Ambulance Services, Paramedics and Industry Statistics.

THE BRAND THAT WAS RECOMMENDED FOR CONSISTENCY, QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY, COMFORT & FEEL WAS NOW GLOVEON® made by Hartalega the World's largest and most advanced Manufacturer of Gloves and the only company that has managed to make Nitrile almost the same as Latex and in many cases better.

Also the gloves from Hartelega were Voted No 1 Globally in the Nitrile Catergory by the CRA Dental Research Institute in the USA.

The Gloves represented by the brand that we sell, are on most Government Health Contracts, These are the very same gloves that are supplied to all the Ambulance Services, The preferred option for Dentists and Public Hospitals in most settings and currently on all Public Health Contracts in Australia.

We have a Glove to suit all Applications


Watch Video on MUN Global, Hatalega's International Sales Company.


We have a large range of Gloveon® Gloves to suit all applications.

Gloveon® Nitrile Gloves

Our Nitrile range is super resistant and meets the highest International Standards of hand protection and hygiene.

Gloveon® Latex Gloves 

Our Latex range are widely considered the industry 'gold standard' in terms of quality and consistency.


Glove Comparison Chart

Summary: "Consult this chart for an overview of Latex & Nitrile gloves for Examination Medical & laboratory use and their general advantages and disadvantages."

Glove material

Intended use

Advantages and disadvantages

Example Photos

Latex (natural rubber) Incidental contact
  • Good for biological and water-based materials.
  • Poor for organic solvents
  • Little chemical protection.
  • Hard to detect puncture holes.
  • Can cause or trigger latex allergies.
Nitrile "Incidental contact (disposable exam glove)"


Extended contact (thicker reusable glove)

  • "Excellent general use glove. Good for solvents, oils, greases, and some acids and bases."
  • "Clear indication of tears and breaks."

Good alternative for those with latex allergies.

GLOVEON® GLOVES HAVE MANY FEATURES and are avialable in Sterile or Non-Sterile.

Finger Tip Textured

Textured finger pads provide a reliable grip for precise handling.

Aesthetically presentable

Visually superior in design, fit and vibrancy of color.

Comfortable and stretchy

Produced in five different hand sizes using the most flexible rubber for ease of movement.

Proven Protection

The Gloveon range meets the highest International Standards of hand protection.

Beaded Cuff

Designed so gloves can be easily pulled on and rolled off.

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