SOLMED Supplies many different types of Urine Catheters for the consumer. 
Some people use catheters to help them manage their bladder problems (such as leaking urine or not being able to pass urine). Catheters may be permanent urethral catheters (in the tube draining the bladder), suprapubic catheters (via the abdomen) or intermittent catheters (when a catheter is inserted via the urethra several times a day). 

Indwelling Catheters: NOW WITH 60 DAYS INDWELLING TIME.

Types of Catheters we supply include Foley 2-Way 100% Silicone. The Foley Catheter is classed as an Indwelling Catheter recommended for 60 Days Indwelling time. The size of the Catheter ranges from 8Fr right through to 26Fr.
The Foley Catheters include inline Balloons which reduce ridging to help the ease of removal. The product has a 5-10ml Balloon, or 30ml Balloon. The Paediatric Version is 33cm long with a 3ml Balloon whilst the Adult Version is 40cm in length. All our Foley Catheters are approved for SPC Use as well.

SOLMED Foley Catheters are made from Medical Grade 100% Silicone and are non-active and invasive devices with respect to body cavities in accordance with Medical Directive MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX Rule 5 of the classification act. They are a Class 11 Medical Devices and are listed with the TGA in Australia wth ARTG Number 211796.

You can feel confident that our Multigate Catheters have undergone many successful trials both here and overseas and are included on the NSW Health Contract #250 for supply inclusion to all Public Hospitals.

Intermittent Catheters

Our range of Intermittent Catheters commonly referred to as Nelaton Catheters are made from Medical Grade PVC as the standard model and we also supply Hydrophilic Coated PVC which react when wet for easy insertion because of their unique coating.
The Intermittent Urine Catheter comes in 6Fr, 8Fr & 10Fr for Paediatric use with a length of 30cm
The Catheter also comes in preferred Female Length of 20cm in sizes 8Fr-16Fr whilst the Adult Male version comes in length of 40cm an sizes from 8Fr-20Fr.


This product has been successfully listed on the new Incontinence Contract 950 for NSW Health 
commencing December 2010 following successful trials at Royal Ryde Rehabilitation Centre.

One of the most popular devices in the USA Market for Para & Quad Patients. Sold in the USA by Cure Medical. Manufactured by Mutigate JV Partner Integral Medical.

"Inspired by the Christopher Reed Foundation" 

These Closed Systems are DEHP, BPA and latex free. 
They are sterile, single use, unisex systems featuring polished eyelets on a straight, 
pre-lubricated catheter tip with integrated 1500 ml collection bag.

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