SOLMED® carries a comprehensive range of Wipes & Towels for Surface Disinfecting and Cleaning. Our main product group is the REYNARD brand which have been successful on most Public Health Contracts in Australia including NSW Health, SA Health, QLD Health and VIC Health with most products.


Our Surface & Disinfectant Wipes allow various options for cleaning and disinfecting.

The Surface Disinfecting Wipes are a hospital grade disinfectant that provides fast and effective cleansing and disinfecting in one go without Alcohol. 

They are Fragrance free to be non-tainting, and they contain a very low-foaming, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant for safe and efficient cleaning and disinfection of most hard surfaces and equipment.

The wipes will not dry out or damage surfaces commonly associated with alcohol sanitising wipes. These TGA Listed disinfecting wipes are disposable. They are ideal for use on most hard surfaces including mattresses, beds, tables, work tops, trays, trolleys, hospital equipment, desks, phones, keyboards, chairs and surface disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices.  

Our wipes contain a unique antimicrobial formula they can be used as a disinfectant, and cleaning wipe - so there is no need for multiple wipes and surface cleaners.  A non-woven disposable cloth for use in hospitals and other critical care areas where the control of the hazards of cross-contamination between treated surfaces is required.  Use on hard, non-pourous surfaces and equipment made of stainless steel, plastic, formica and glass.

Proven to kill at least 99.9% of germs including MRSA and VRE - Reynard Hospital Grade Surface Disinfecting Wipes are one of the most effective products on the market with biocides that work together reducing the risk of germs developing resistance.
Size of Wipes 20cm x 22cm in 160 Cannister Pack, 20cm x 33cm in Soft Pack of 50



Available in a Resealable Pack of 50 wipes or a Tub of 160 Wipes.

These wipes are TGA Listed with the Number TGA AUST L No 192698

The Neutral Detergent Wipes (Alcohol Free) are a Cleansing Wipe that provides fast and effective cleansing in one go suitable for Commercial and Health Facilities. Ideal for Surface and Hands. Convenient and Disposable these wipes will provide fast and effective cleaning anywhere anytime with no tainting. 
Neutral Detergent wipes will remove dirt and debris from chairs, benches, beds and mattress covers to cash registers, coffee machines, office phones and toys. They are widely used for cleaning mattress covers and beds where harsh chemicals need to be avoided.
Each wipe is large enough and moist enough to effectively clean sealed surfaces, without drying, spotting or leaving residue. Surface will not require any additional drying after cleaning. 
Using disposable wipes eliminates the need for staff to measure harmful chemicals and 
concentrates and removes potentially harmful airborne sprays over patients, staff and food.
Presented in a re-sealable soft pack or Cannister to prevent drying out, they are the convenient wipe for cleansing anywhere, anytime.


Large 20cm x 22cm Wipe in Cannister Pack of 160 OR 20cm x 33cm in Soft Pack of 50.
Safe to use on all Surfaces including Vinyl & Leather
No adverse reaction to hands.
Effective Cleaning 
Larger wipe that holds more moisture requiring less wipes for all cleaning tasks
Great for areas that have limited access to water
Ensures correct concentration of neutral detergent and water is used
No need for water, sprays, rags or chemicals. 
Easier and more convenient for staff to safely and quickly clean surfaces
Low foaming with large amount of moisture
Contains no alcohol so safe to use on vinyl and leathers
No need to dispense and mix chemicals


Available in a Resealable Pack of 50 wipes or a Tub of 160 Wipes.


Reynard IPA Wipes are impregnated with 70% Isopropanol 
They have  a very low level of a nonionic surfactant which provides an effective disinfection of clinical surfaces.
This product has been tested and proved to be effective against the following common micro organisms: MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella typhimurium, Listeria monocytogenes, P. aeruginosa, Proteus vulgaris, 
C. albicans, A. niger.
Presented in the familiar canister format they are highly portable, convenient and practical.
A flip top lid prevents the wipes from drying out.
70% Isopropyl alcohol
Complete disinfection
CE marked
Meets the requirements of BS EN1276:1997
Disinfecting after cleansing of hard surfaces
Veterinary Surgery tables
Trolleys Phone disinfecting & around the Home.


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