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Solmed Management have been involved in Thermal Paper for the Medical Industry since the inception of Thermal Printers back in the early eighties.

Many smart technological applications not only exist today but are growing in the amount of applications requiring Thermal Paper in the Medical Industry
The typical Thermal Printer today is fast, quiet, offers brilliant image, and is utilised in many monitoring situations in the medical Environment such as Defibrillators, ECG Machines, Stress Testing, Holter Monitors, Spirometers, Blood Gas and Sterilizers.

Medical Applications
“Thermal papers are a significant diagnostic tool in high-tech medicine and the special importance of printout durability in this particular area is readily understandable.”
These applications require speciifc grades of Thermal Paper for ECG, Stress Test, Spirometer, Defibrillators, Blood Gas Analysers and many more applications in Hospitals and Medical Clinics requiring acuurate measurements and testing.
Solmed carries many types of Medical Grade Thermal Recording Papers to suit most machines being used today.

The importance of choosing a reputable brand.
We sell Sonomed™ branded Medical Chart Paper from Tele-Paper Malaysia and Australian Manufactured Thermal Rolls and we work together with various manufacturers of thermal heads, printers, and printing mechanisms in order to tune the thermal paper varieties to the equipment, and vice versa. Before approvals are granted, comprehensive tests are performed to ensure the long life of thermal printers and their components, and constant print-out quality.
The ISO 13485-2003 Certification applies to Medical Recording Charts and the corresponding standards that apply to these types of Papers.

Dynamic and static sensitivity
A basic pre-requisite for perfect printing is that a paper must be chosen to suit the printer and the application. 

Sensitivity is a key to making the selection. When Solmed selects Thermal Paper, we have ensured the differences between Static and Dynamic sensitivity.
Dynamic sensitivity is especially important when choosing the right paper for a particular printer. The faster the printer works, the less time the paper stays beneath the thermal print head. A fast printer therefore requires paper with a high dynamic sensitivity.
If you use thermal paper with too low a sensitivity, the heat will not be sufficient to produce a fully blackened image, which will mean the image or lettering does not last so long.
Static sensitivity refers to the temperature at which the thermal paper begins to create an image.
An ECG Machine Manufacturer or an EFTPOS Machine Manufacturer will choose a print head specification and the Thermal Manufacturer will match a Thermal Grade to suit the Print Head and then manufactures the paper according to the speed and Trigger Mechanism output of the software.
The same rules apply to EFTpos and Thermal Receipt Rolls based on the Print Quality, Speed and Temperature Setting of the Print Head.

Things we constantly rely on when choosing which paper is best!
Recommended Regular Base Weight of Paper and the Base weight Variation (as determined by Manufacturer of Print head) 
Caliper (Thickness of Paper) and variance of Caliper
Paper Density & Moisture on Delivery
Whiteness & Opacity
Smoothness & Curls
Optical Density & Light Resistance
Tear Strength and Image Stability
Initial Temperature & Saturation Temperature

Solmed Thermal Paper is only sourced from companies that have been certified by Forest Chain of Custody with both FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC™ (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification).
Now you can choose Thermal Paper products for your business or clinic that help support responsible forestry processes and contribute to global conservation


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