®SOLMED is pleased to be associated with SORBACT® and we present here the facts about this wonderful Green Healing Solution for Wounds of all types.

In keeping with our mission of SOURCE - SUPPLY - PROTECT we invite you to take a look at the wonderful technology that is environmentally friendly.

When traditional methods don't work!

Sorbact® is the first wound dressing that binds irreversibly without a chemically active agent. 

Why is Sorbact® one of the most used Wound Dressings to control Infection in Hospitals?

Mode of Action: 
A physical process called Hydrophobic interaction takes place between the bacterial surface 
and the special coating of the dressing fibres. 

What is Hydrophobic interaction?

Hydrophobic interaction is a basic physical principle. Water-repellent (hydrophobic) substances and organisms attract and bind to each other in an aqueous environment, encircled and held together by the forces of the surrounding water molecules.  

A Sorbact® dressing is coated with a fatty acid derivative (DACC) giving the dressing their highly hydrophobic properties. In the moist environment of an infected wound, bacteria are therefore attracted to the dressing and become bound to it. Hence removing the dressing also removes the 'captured' bacteria which cannot reproduce or multiply whilst attached to the DACC.



For all unclean, colonised and infected exuding wounds such as:

  • Post-operative, dehisced wounds.
  • Traumatic wounds.
  • Chronic wounds such as, arterial, or diabetic ulcers and pressure sores.
  • Wounds after excision of fistulas and abscesses.

What Sorbact® will not do!

  • No development of microbial resistance
    because hydrophobic interaction is vital for bacteria and fungi to exist
  • No risk of allergies
    against the fatty acid derivative DACC
  • No cytotoxicity
    seen in many other antiseptics - Sorbact® does not affect the body's own cells
  • No contraindications
    can be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and on children
  • No promotion of bacterial endotoxin release
    from dead bacteria cells as microbes are bound irreversibly and not killed








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