Compose Adhesive Island Dressing

Compose Adhesive Island Dressing



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The Compose Adhesive Island Dressings consists of a non-adherent absorbent pad attached to the adhesive coated side of a non woven fabric.

The Compose Island Dressings consists of 3 components.

  1. The backing of the dressings is a non woven polyester fabric. The fabric is evenly coated with medical grade adhesive so the dressings is able to cover the wound site without other support.
  2. The adhesive applied onto the surface of the backing fabric is a hot-melt adhesive.
  3. The pad consists of an absorbent layer comprising of mix fibers of Viscose/Polyester 70/30%
  • The viscose/polyester absorbent wad is laminated on both sides by a High Density Polyethylene film.
  • The pad covers the wound site to protect against infection and at same time provides a favorable environment for wound healing.
  • The pad is attached centrally onto the adhesive coated fabric.
  • There is sufficient adhesive surface bordering the pad to ensure the dressings stays in place.

Physical characteristics of Compose Island Dressing

  • The non woven fabric has fluid repellent characteristics to prevent the dressings from getting wet.
  • The film has minute perforations throughout its surface to allow exudates through as well as preventing fibers from the absorbent contacting the wound site.
  • The film smooth surface ensures that change of dressings is less painful and does not disrupt the healing of the wound site.
  • The pad has an average weight of 210 ± 21gsm. Each gram of the pad absorbs not less than 8 grams of water.
  • The adhesive strength average not less than 1 N/cm. The cotton absorbent layer meets the requirements of AS 2835.1 1985

Dressing Specs

Code Dressing Size Pad Size  Box Quantity
30-611 7.5 x 5cm 4 x 2.5cm 50 units
30-612 8.25 x 6cm 6.25 x 3.5cm 50 units
30-613 12 x 8.25cm 7.5 x 4cm 20 units
30-614 18 x 8.25cm 13 x 4cm 20 units
30-615 25 x 8.25cm 19.5 x 4cm 20 units

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