Littman Classic III Stethoscope

Littman Classic III Stethoscope




The Littmann Classic III stethoscope is the most recent model of the stethoscope which helps millions of health care professionals achieve their very best.

It brings new layout, materials, and engineering into the Littmann stethoscope series. Using a Littmann Classic III stethoscope illustrates what is important for you as a health professional: grade, quality and performance excellence.

The brand new Classic III stethoscope provides you with:

  • Open bell flexibility - The paediatric side extends to a conventional open bell by substituting the single-piece diaphragm using a non-chill rim
  • High Definition sensitivity for doing overall physical examinations
  • Tunable diaphragms on either adult and paediatric Surfaces of the chestpiece
  • Single-piece diaphragm that is simple to attach and easy to clean surface, smooth without any fractures
  • Next-generation tubing with enhanced resistance to skin oils and alcohol to get longer tube lifetime.

The 3M Littmann Classic III stethoscope is created in the USA for constant quality. It comes complete with big and small soft-sealing ear tips, non-cill bell sleeve, and directions.

Stethoscope Characteristics

  • Tunable tech is a 3M invention which allows you change between hearing low and high frequency sounds simply by adjusting how much you really press the chest-piece.
  • Soft-sealing ear-tips provide you with a comfortable fit and a superb acoustic seal; they snap tightly on the ear-tubes for security.
  • Open bell remains clear of debris and dirt from keeping it covered with the little diaphragm
  • Flexible headset lets you set the strain for head dimensions and relaxation by simply squeezing or pulling the ear-tubes
  • No natural rubber latex or phthalate plasticisers are utilised in the tube or some other element - to help safeguard human health and the environment

Classic III Stethoscope Specifications

Length: 69 cm

Weight: 150g

Applications/occupations: EMT/EMS, Medical Assistant, Nurse, Nursing Student

Acoustic performance: 7

Special adaptors: Yes


Construction: Two-sided, adult and paediatric

Material: Stainless steel

Weight: 82g

Diaphragm type: Tunable, single-piece

Diaphragm diameter: Adult: 4.3cm, Paediatric: 3.3cm


Construction: Single lumen (single acoustic channel within tube)

Material: Not made with natural rubber latex or phthalate plasticisers


Material: Wide diameter aerospace alloy / anodised aluminium


Ear tip type: Soft Sealing

Extra Ear tips: Yes

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