Osmocel Silicone Foam Bordered Dressing - Sacral

Osmocel Silicone Foam Bordered Dressing - Sacral

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Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam dressings are multi-layered wound dressings, comprising of a silicone wound and skin contact layer, white polyurethane foam (and superabsorbent polymer layer*) exudate management layer, backed with a skin-toned, polyurethane film support layer.

Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam readily absorbs exudate, producing an optimal moist wound healing environment with the added benefit of atraumatic removal. Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam has in-built Moisture Vapour Transmission properties, combined with fluid absorption capacities, that make it suitable for the management of wounds with light to moderate levels of exudate.

In the presence of moisture, the non-adherent property of the silicone layer of Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam prevents adherence to the wound, newly formed tissue and surrounding fragile, or sensitive skin. This ensures dressing changes can take place with minimal tissue disturbance.

The outer backing of Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam Bordered dressing is water waterproof.

Each dressing is individually packed, ready for use, and sterilised by ethylene oxide. Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam dressings are sterile unless the package is opened or damaged, are single use only and should not be re-sterilised.

General Information:

  • Prescribed compression treatment for Venous Leg Ulcer Management can be continued while using Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam.
  • If infection is present, a primary wound cleansing dressing e.g. Osmonate® Calcium Alginate dressing or rope, or an antimicrobial layer, such as Zorflex® Wound Contact Layer should be used in combination with Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam. The clinician in-charge is responsible for determining if necessary.
  • No known side effects have been observed or reported in the use of Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam dressings.
  • Observe for wound infection. Consult the clinician-incharge if any of the following occurs: fever, increased pain, redness, swelling, abnormal smell or exudate.

Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam dressings are indicated for use as primary dressings in the management of all types of superficial wounds with light to moderate exudate production, such as:

  • Skin tears
  • Partial thickness burns
  • Pressure injuries
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers

Surgical wounds or as a secondary dressing with other wound contact products, where exposure to conventional adhesive fixation is undesirable.


  • Should not be used if allergies to any of its components is known.
  • Not suitable for full thickness burns and wounds before bleeding has ceased.
  • Do not simultaneously use Osmocel Si Silicone Hydroporous Foam with an oxidant, e.g hydrogen peroxide or chlorate solution. This may affect the structure and performance of the dressing

Dressing Change:
The clinician-in-charge is responsible for determining the need for dressing changes, dependent on the stage and phase of wound healing and exudate level. The dressing should be changed when exudate absorption is considered to be extending beyond the wound surface area. 7 days is the maximum period between dressing changes.


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