Waterproof Cast & Bandage Protector

MY Healthstyle



Introducing the Healthstyle MY Waterproof Cast & Bandage Protector – Your Ultimate Solution for Complete Wound Care and Hygiene.

When it comes to safeguarding wounds, burns, cuts, grazes, and sutures, the MY Healthstyle Waterproof Cast & Bandage Protector stands as the epitome of superior protection and comfort. Engineered with your well-being in mind, this innovative solution guarantees a worry-free experience during daily activities, even when bathing or showering.

Key Features:

  1. Unrivaled Protection: Elevate your wound care routine with our cast and bandage protector, designed to offer unparalleled defense against splashes, sprays, and moisture. Whether you're managing general wounds, burns, cuts, or grazes, rest assured that your recovery remains intact.

  2. Watertight Seal, Ultimate Comfort: Crafted for your comfort, the soft and supple watertight seal embraces your skin with a gentle touch. Unleash the confidence to bathe or shower without hindrance, thanks to its reliable and adaptable design.

  3. Freedom of Movement: Your well-being is our priority. Experience unrestricted circulation while wearing the protector. Move with ease and confidence, knowing that the Healthstyle MY Protector champions both healing and comfort.

  4. Reusability, Latex-Free: Commitment to your health and convenience drives us. Our protector is latex-free and reusable, underlining our dedication to environmentally-conscious solutions without compromising on quality.

  5. Tailored Fit for All: Choose from a range of sizes tailored to your needs. Whether you require protection for your lower arm, full arm, lower leg, or full leg, we offer options that ensure a precise and comfortable fit.

Usage Guidelines:

  • To ensure optimal performance, avoid submerging the soft seal cuff fully under water, as occasional leakage may occur.
  • Shield the protector from direct sunlight to prolong its longevity and effectiveness.
  • Exercise caution, as the protector may be slippery when wet.

Available Sizes:

  • Adult Lower Arm: 570mm x 240mm dimension with 35mm cuff diameter
  • Adult Full Arm: 440mm x 630mm dimension with 55mm cuff diameter
  • Adult Lower Leg: 660mm x 440mm dimension with 55mm cuff diameter
  • Adult Full Leg: 780mm x 440mm dimension with 55mm cuff diameter
  • Child Full Arm: 548mm x 380mm dimension with 35mm cuff diameter
  • Child Full Leg: 730mm x 340mm dimension with 55mm cuff diameter

Care Instructions:

  • After use, towel dry or hang the protector to drip dry, avoiding direct sunlight exposure.

Elevate your healthstyle today with the MY Healthstyle Waterproof Cast & Bandage Protector. Embrace uncompromised protection, unmatched comfort, and the freedom to pursue your daily activities while promoting a seamless healing journey. Your well-being, our commitment.

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