Comfeel Plus Transparent 25cm x 9cm

Comfeel Plus Transparent 25cm x 9cm





Comfeel Plus Transparent hydrocolloid dressings are indicated for a wide range of none to low exuding wounds. The dressings are indicated for chronic wounds such as leg ulcers and pressure ulcers: and acute wounds such as superficial burns, superficial partial-thickness burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds and skin abrasions. The dressing can stay on for up to 7 days depending on the specific wound characteristics. Comfeel Plus Transparent can be used as a primary as well as a secondary dressing.

Ensured protection
Comfeel Plus Transparent hydrocolloid dressings provide a moist wound healing environment and helps protect the wound in the final stages of wound healing. The top film is water- and bacteria proof to help protect the wound from external factors and smooth to help reduce friction. The semi-permeable top film allows moisture to evaporate while maintaining a moist healing environment.

Wound monitoring
Comfeel Plus Transparent hydrocolloid dressings have a mapping grid for wound monitoring and change indication. The transparency allows you to inspect the wound without removing the dressing. Fewer dressings changes and less wound disturbance support faster healing.

User-friendly design
Comfeel Plus Transparent hydrocolloid dressings have a 3-piece non-touch application system that allows aseptic and controlled application. The turquoise touch points guide the work process. The packaging is designed with life size photos of the dressings for easy product selection and the pouches feature how to use illustrations for optimal guidance.

Mode of action
When the dressing comes into to contact with wound exudate, it forms a viscous gel that absorbs exudate, but does not adhere to the wound bed (1). Excess moisture evaporates through the semi-permeable top film.

Product composition
Comfeel Plus Transparent consists of moisture absorbing sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) particles encapsulated in a synthetic, elastic and stick mass. The top film is a semi-permeable polyeurethane film.
Comfeel Plus Transparent is formulated without pectin, known allergens such as latex or colophony, as well as animal derivatives such as gelatine.

Key benefits

● Hydrocolloid dressing for moist wound healing and protection of skin at risk
● Water-and bacteria proof to protect the wound
● Smooth topfilm and bevelled edges to reduce friction
● Semi-permeable top film to allow moisture to evaporate
● Mapping grid for wound monitoring and dressing change indication
● Transparent dressing allows you to inspect the wound without removing the dressing
● Fewer dressing changes and less wound disturbance support faster healing
● 3-piece non-touch system for aseptic and controlled application
● Turquoise touch points to guide the work process
● New packaging with life-size photo for easy product selection
● Pouch with how to use illustrations for optimal guidance

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