Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing

Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing




Mepilex Border Sacrum all-in-one dressing is the only five-layer foam sacral dressing with proprietary Deep Defense Technology – proven to prevent pressure injuries when used in conjunction with other standard prevention protocols.

The design also creates an optimal healing environment for managing moderate- to high-exuding wounds of the sacral area. It effectively absorbs and retains exudate and it balances moisture properly avoiding the risk of maceration.

The recently-launched enhanced design includes new handling tabs and thicker borders allowing easier application and patient checking. When used for pressure injury prevention, the sacral shape has been refined so you can achieve good coverage of the high-risk sacral area – and it features an improved gluteal seal for maximum protection.

The enhanced design still includes Safetac – the original less-pain contact layer with silicone adhesion. So the dressing molds softly to skin without sticking to the moist wound – you can remove it easily without damaging the skin. That means less pain for your patients.

  • Reduces risk of maceration
  • Mepilex Border with Safetac technology minimises pain during dressing change
  • Excellent fluid-handling capacity and retention
  • Proven to prevent pressure injuries – by up to 88% – when used with other standard prevention protocols
  • Proprietary Deep Defense Technology protects against the extrinsic forces - pressure, shear and friction; and manages micro-climate, the key factors responsible for pressure injuries

When to use Mepilex Border Sacrum:

Treatment - Mepilex Border Sacrum dressings can help protect an existing sacral wound and surrounding tissues from extrinsic forces during the healing process. Mepilex Border Sacrum can have a greater effect on reducing high stresses in soft tissue over the coccyx surrounding an existing wound than dressings that were completely stiff or completely flexible in both directions. Absorption and redistribution of forces Dressing layers interact to reduce pressure and shear being transferred to soft tissues beneath.

Pressure Injury Prevention - You can apply the dressing prophylactically for at risk patients, such as the immobile, those with poor skin perfusion and impaired skin condition, in emergency rooms, in intensive care, or before and during long surgical interventions. Scientific studies have demonstrated that Mepilex Border Sacrum has the ability to impact on four extrinsic factors that can contribute to developing pressure injuries: by minimising and redistributing shear, redistributing pressure, reducing friction, and maintaining an optimal microclimate.

Note: the use of dressings as part of a prophylactic therapy does not preclude the need to continue to develop and follow a comprehensive pressure injury prevention protocol.


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