Ultrasound Gel Blue 250ml

Ultrasound Gel Blue 250ml




Discover the ultimate solution for impeccable medical imaging and diagnostics with the Ultrasound Gel. Specially formulated to cater to a wide range of applications, this gel stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the medical field. From traditional pregnancy ultrasounds to cutting-edge MRI and acoustic imaging procedures like bone imaging, EEG, EMG, ECG, and TENS coupling, this gel is your all-in-one solution.

Unparalleled Performance, Seamless Application: With the Ultrasound Gel, achieving superior imaging and diagnostic results has never been easier. Seamlessly apply the gel directly to your probe, treatment area, or diagnostic region, adjusting the amount based on the area's size. No more second-guessing – just professional-grade accuracy and clarity.

Hygienic Brilliance: We prioritise your health and safety. That's why our Ultrasound Gel is meticulously crafted to be hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, and non-sensitising. Bid farewell to worries about irritation or allergies. Designed for seamless integration into your medical routine, this gel is a testimony to hygienic brilliance.

Aesthetic and Gentle: Say goodbye to the days of stained clothes, damaged transducers, and irritated skin. The Ultrasound Gel is meticulously designed to glide onto the skin smoothly, leaving no greasy residue behind. Its odourless formula ensures patient comfort during procedures, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Effortless Removal: Water soluable. After a successful imaging or diagnostic session, the Ultrasound Gel can be easily removed using a towel or tissue. The process is efficient and hassle-free, leaving no traces behind and ensuring a seamless transition to the next step of your medical routine.


  • Size: Conveniently packaged in a 250ml bottle, providing ample supply for your medical imaging and diagnostic needs.
  • Colour: Comes in either Blue or Clear. The distinctive blue hue ensures easy visibility during application and removal.
  • Texture: Smooth and non-greasy, guaranteeing comfort for both patients and medical professionals.
  • Aroma: Odourless formula ensures a pleasant experience for all parties involved.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with ultrasound transducers, EEG, EMG, ECG, and TENS devices, making it the perfect coupling and conductive medium for precise imaging and diagnostics.
  • Cap: Featuring a user-friendly flip top lid, allowing for effortless dispensing and a mess-free experience.
Elevate your medical imaging and diagnostic game with the Ultrasound Gel. Revolutionise the way you approach ultrasounds, MRIs, bone imaging, EEG, EMG, ECG, and TENS coupling, with a product that combines effectiveness, safety, and convenience in one exceptional package. Choose innovation and precision for your medical needs.

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