Mepitel Film Dressing

Mepitel Film Dressing




Mepitel Film provides a flexible, transparent covering to protect the skin or wound from microbial contamination, fluid strike-through and from other external contamination, while conforming to surface irregularities and body contours. Mepitel Film maintains a moist environment, even though the vapour permeability allows excess moisture to pass away from the skin. Due to Safetac, Mepitel Film provides instant tack adhesion and also ensures atraumatic dressing changes. The dressing does not leave residues and the adhesion level does not increase over time.

Mepitel Film can also be used to significantly reduce the radiotherapy-induced skin damage after radio-therapy treatment of breast cancer. In a recent randomised controlled trial, the severity of the skin reaction was reduced by more than 90%

Areas of Use

  • Pressure injuries (Stage I and II)
  • Superficial skin injuries and superficial burns
  • Fragile and sensitive skin protection
  • Protective cover for open surgical wounds, e.g abdomen
  • Fixation pf primary dressings and can be used in combination with gels and ointments
  • Fixation tapes and devices can be placed on top of Mepitel Film, in this way Mepitel Film is used as a protective landing zone for the fixation tape

Benefits of Mepitel One

  • Minimises pain and trauma at dressing changes
  • Limits the risk for damage of newly formed tissue
  • Transparent for easy inspection
  • Conforms well to body contours, promoting patient comfort during wear
  • Bacteria and viral barrier where microbes larger than 25nm
  • Low potential for skin irritation and allergy
  • Can stay on for several days
  • Leaves no residues
  • Fluid impermeable
  • Shower proof

Safetac Technology:

Safetac is the original less-pain contact layer with silicone adhesion. Designed to mould softly to skin without sticking to the moist wound – so you can remove it easily without damaging the skin. That means less pain for your patients. Safetac also protects new tissue and intact skin – so wounds remain undisturbed, to support faster natural healing. Plus it seals the wound margins to protect skin from damaging leaks and maceration. The combination of less pain and less skin damage to support faster healing can also reduce the cost of treatment.

Mepitel Film is not a wound contact layer and does not allow wound exudate to pass through the dressing to a secondary layer. Mepitel Film can not be used as primary fixation for IV, cannula, ports or other infusion and/or life sustaining devices


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