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Medical Examination Gloves will be in Short Supply and will Cost More!

News coming out of Global Glove Manufacturers December 2020 is going to cause problems throughout the next few years thanks to Covid-19 issues.

Global Demand for Medical Examination Gloves is normally approximately 240 Billion Pieces however demand as at December 2020 is approximately 368Billion.

Industry lead times pre-COVID were 30 – 40 days, some manufacturers now have lead times of 400 days, others 600+ days.
Global Glove Supply is estimated that manufacturers will not be able to meet demand for the next 3 years.

New nitrile glove capacity is also constrained by shortage of raw material (nitrile butadiene rubber) and glove formers. 
Whilst the world's largest Producers Hartalega & Top Glove (Malaysia) are ramping up capacity, it takes approximately three years to bring on more production facilities.

Australian Companies are being hit with hefty price rises and stock shortages with Global Bidding for Raw Materials during Covid-19 and massive Freight Increases.

Good Quality Medical Examination Gloves have doubled in Price since the pandemic and are forecasted to double again in January 2021.

Solmed has forecasted this Global Event and has worked with Manufacturers to maintain supply through to the first quarter of 2021. 

We believe that demand will continue until a vaccine is rolled out over the next few years so if you are a user of Medical Exam Gloves, you have been warned of the supply problem.


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